Awesome Body Piercing Photo

Body Piercing Pictures

Awesome Body Piercing Photo
These pictures, videos and photos of strange and interesting body piercings should keep you entertained for a little while.

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Red Head With PiercingsThis first one is my favorite, it’s a corset style piercing, which means it looks like the lacing of a corset.

It’s usually done on the back, but this one looks pretty good on the front, and I mean the girl as well obviously.

This other girl looks a bit more dark, which is beautiful as well, if that’s your cup of tea. She has some unusual lip piercings.

On closer examination, they seem to be actual screws. Awesome!

retro style piercingsThis next girl reminds me of a woman from the nineteenth century for some reason, maybe it’s the dress, but it’s a great look for a beautiful girl.

I seem to be choosing a lot of photos of women, because how could you resist, they’re just so hot.

This next one is of a guy, just to mix it up a bit. I find it hard to find guys who look as good with piercings as these girls do, but that’s probably just because I like girls.

Guy with cool piercingsIt’s a bit strange if you ask me, he has the corset style piercings on the front of his neck, and an earring that’s just a bit too big, but he does look cool in his own way.

I find it a little off-putting to see piercings where the body has been stretched to unusual lengths or widths, like his ear.

Must have taken a while to get it to that large a hole, but it is geometric and symmetrical, which makes it look OK.

Multiple Ear PiercingsI’m sure I can find some better photos of guys with piercings though. The page that the picture came from is really weird, it’s a bible study lesson on how piercing is wrong, and how it says so in the bible. People are crazy man.

Multiple Piercings

I really like this one, I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman in the photo, but it’s a really stylish set of piercings if you ask me.

You can find any of these different types of rings on Amazon, check out the post on how to pierce yourself safely and what metal alloys are best to use so you know what to look for.

Piercing Fails

Piercing failThis guy is just weird looking, sometimes an idea might seem good at the time, but it just turns out as a fail.

This next bunch of pictures are of really interesting looking people, who maybe went a little too far, or too crazy with their piercings.

It’s all a matter of opinion, but you’d be in a very small minority to think that this actually looks “good”.

Lip piercing failThis one is a lip piercing fail, although I’ve seen it more than a handful of times, so obviously some people think it looks good. I just think it’s really creepy, looking in through the lip to the teeth.

Some people get shot in the face to be sporting a look like this, but each to their own, live and let die.

Body Modifications

Vampire woman photoWhat about this girl? She looks exactly like a vampire demon from hell, which is what she was going for, so I guess it’s not a fail.

I’ve never seen a beautiful girl who has made herself so alien looking and bizarre on purpose, or maybe I have. I’d probably still sleep with her. If I was really drunk.

This girl isn’t so extreme, or she is in a way. I’ve seen this done many times, and I have to say it’s probably a really bad idea.

Tongue modification pictureThe idea is that you cut your tongue down the middle to give it a forked tongue look, like a lizard, or a snake.

This isn’t even one of the most extreme tongue modifications, and I’ve seen some bad photos of when it goes horribly wrong as well.

You don’t want to lose your tongue, and there’s a lot of germs in your mouth, so if you’re thinking of doing this, I’d advise against it, but that’s just me. I don’t actually have any piercings at all, which might make you wonder why I’ve made this site.

I just like making websites, and my ex-girlfriend had a tongue ring. If you’re interested in that, google my name, Rowan Casey, and I can help you with some internet marketing stuff. Otherwise, take a look around the site if you’re interested in buying some body piercing jewelry. Thanks for visiting.